Compact equipment (AF-1000mm series)


Compact design

● Not only the installation area but also the installation height is low
● Sand filtration device Overall height: 3500mm-5000mm AF-P1000mm: 2500mm or less

Light weight and easy on-site construction

● The filtration tower is made of FRP and is lightweight.
● No need to put sand or gravel on site.

The amount of turbidity captured is 5 times that of a sand filter (compared to our company).

[Our data] River water target: turbidity capture amount
● Sand filtration device: 1.5kg/m 2 < AF1000mm series: 7.5kg/m2

Filtration speed is 5 times faster than sand filter (compared to our company)

[Our data] River water target: Filtration rate (LV)
● Sand filtration device: LV8m / hr < AF1000mm series: LV40m / hr


Acty Fiber Filtration Unit 1000mm Series

model (AFU-) □300-FVA □400-FVA □500-FVA □600-FVA Remarks ※option
Filtration tower inner diameter φ300mm φ400mm φ500mm φ600mm
Reference amount of treated water 1.4~3.5m3/hr 2.5~6.3m3/hr 3.9~9.8m3/hr 5.6~14m3/hr LV20~50m/hr
Cleaning drainage about 0.4m3 about 0.7m3 about 1.0m3 about 1.4m3 Displacement amount per time
Cleaning time 20 minutes Standard cleaning process
Filtration tower material G-FRP ※Vinibis etc.
Piping material VP(part SGP) ※HI-VP.SUS304.SGP
Automatic valve Air double actuated butterfly valve(SCS14/EPDM) ※Solenoid valve
Other With skid base

* Select either P (for water for the water industry), or R (for circulating drainage) for □.
* It is necessary to select the filtration rate according to the quality and properties of the raw water.

Processing flow

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