High speed fiber filtration Actifiber Filtration Units

Large volume and heavy duty treatment unit (AF-1500mm series)

AF-1500mm seriesFeature

Large volume treatment
* Treatable of large volume by multi-units
Easy field work
* No need to put media into tank at user's place
* Easy filter media replacement with cartridge system
8 time of SS capture rate compared with sand filteration (from our expreience)
* Sand filteration unit : 1.5kg/m2 < AF 1500mm series : 12kg/m2
8 time of filteration speed compared with sand filteration (from our expreience)
* Sand filteration unit : LV8m/h < AFU- 1500mm series : LV64m/h


ACTIFIBER Filtration Unit 1500mm series Standard specification

Standard model (AFU-) ?315-SSA ?515-SSA ?615-SSA ?915-SSA ?1215-SSA ?1415-SSA ?1615-SSA Remark
Filer vessel I.D. ?300mm ?500mm ?600mm ?900mm ?1200mm φ1400mm φ1600mm -
Standard treatment capacity 1.4?5.6m3/h 3.9?15m3/h 5.6?22m3/h 13?50m3/h 22?90m3/h 30?123m3/h 40?160m3/h LV20?80m/h
Washing drainage Approx. 0.6m3 Approx. 1.6m3 Approx. 2.3m3 Approx. 5.1m3 Approx. 9.0m3 Approx. 12.3m3 Approx. 16.1m3 Drainage Volume per peocess
Washing time 20minites Standard washing process
Filter vessel material SUS304 -
Pipe material SUS304(Lap joint use : Flange CS+Zn coating in part) HI-VP.SGP(Option)
Automatic valve Dual air operated butterfly valve (SCS14/EPDM) Electric valbe(Option)
Other Without skid space -

Please select and put S(for microfilteration). P(for purification, industrial) or R(for circulation , weate water) in