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?We thank you so much for various users? patronage of long standing for our mixers that we have started manufacturing such revolving equipment for fluid mixing more than 20 years ago and improved through a continual trial and error up to now.
?As a result of manufacture according to our experience and all sorts of use, we have been making efforts to satisfy the needs of our customers from designing and manufacturing to maintenance work, considering functional and simple design.

| Mixers | Midium speed type | Low speed type | Variable,Bottom/side-entering type |

?| NKA (Portable Gear-reduction Medium-speed type) |
?| NTA (Top-entering Gear-reduction Medium-speed type) |
?| NTB (Top-entering Belt-reduction Medium-speed type) |
?| NKG (Portable Reducer-mounting Low-speed type) |
?| NTG (Top-entering Reducer-mounting Low-speed type) |
?| NTC (Top-entering Reducer-mounting Low-speed type) |
?| NKR (Portable Reducer-mounting Variable-speed type) |
?| NTR ((Top-entering Reducer-mounting Variable-speed type) |
?| NTV (Top-entering Reducer-mounting Variable-speed type) |
?| NSB (Bottom / Side-entering Belt-reduction Medium-speed type) |
Submersible Mixers
| Submersible Mixers |

?| THU (Direct-coupling Up-flow type) / TLU (Gear-reduction Up-flow type) |
?| THD (Direct-coupling Down-flow type) / TLD (Gear-reduction Down-flow type) |
?| THS (Direct-coupling Side-flow type) / TLS (Gear reduction Side-flow type) |
Submersible Mixers
Small-type Mixers
| TF Small-type Mixer |
Small-type Mixers
Square Mixers
| Square Mixers |
Square Mixers