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Our Company Revives Water, Environment and Life

Thanks to the kind support of you all in the half century since our founding, we have helped to create a fruitful environment for water, the very source of life.

Based on our steadily accumulating know-how, we are now using this experience to create products ideal for this new age. Trends, however, are progressing ever faster and the sense of value toward water and advances in water treatment technology are also. We are thus committed to work intensively to meet the needs of customers through technology that stays ahead of the times.

By bringing nature back to rivers, lakes, and underground water sources contaminated by human beings and creating safe inexpensive water, Tohkemy’s advances are contributing to the development of people, the environment, and society.

President and Representative Director Kazuhiko Hosotani


Tohkemy engages in developing and providing necessary products as part of our duty as a public societal institution.

Providing safe products and services

Water is the source of life. Working with water, we must provide the safest products and services, above all else.

Development and manufacturing excellent economical products that meeting customer needs

We create convenient, economical products customers are sure to enjoy. We are continuously pursuing research to provide services meeting customer needs.

Unending company life

We stand by our customers and grow with those who cooperate with us.

Smiling faces for everyone

Tohkemy exists to help customers, subcontractors, and staff families live happy lives.


Business name
1965, August
Business contents
Production, sale of filtration materials for water processing
Production, sale of a chemical pump and the peripheral device
Sale of the environmental conservation apparatus
Various construction design construction
JPY 95,000,000 (Paid up)
Main stockholder
Kazuhiko Hosotani, Takuya Hosotani, TOHKEMY Stocks society
Kazuhiko Hosotani, Representative director
Takuya Hosotani, Senior Managing Director
Kiyohiro Yoshimizu, Managing Director
Kunihiko Nishimoto, Director
Number of employees
184(Apl 2022)
Company concerned
KagaLite Kogyo Corporation
Tohkemy Technos Corporation
Water Technos Corporation
Permission of the construction industry (Water service institution) (Machine appliance setting)
Meter production business
Patent registration permission
* Filter Media
* Water treatment equipment connection
* Pump drive and pump parts
Certified ISO9001:2015
The factories are certified by JWWA (Japan Water Works Association).
Iyo Bank (Osaka kita branch)
Risona Bank (Mikuni branch)
Mizuho Bank (Juso branch)
MUFG Bank (Juso branch)
Mitsuisumitomo Bank (Juso branch)
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April 1963
Invented production of and started research on filter media for water treatment, Anthracite, high-quality smokeless coal. On August 1963, started trial manufacture and became confident of the possibility of market expansion.
August 1965
Established Toyo Rozai Kogyo Co., Ltd., with capital of JPY1.5 million. Current Chair Kanji Kusaka assumed the office of representative director.
Established Anthracite manufacturing facility at 1-13-9 Tagawakita, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, the headquarters location, and started production.
February 1980
Toyo Rozai Kogyo Co., Ltd., and Chemical Pump Co., Ltd., merged under the company name of Tohkemy Corporation
May 1985
Constructed an office building at 1-12-11 Tagawakita, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
April 1987
Increased capital to JPY95 million for maintaining capital.
June 2003
Obtained ISO9001-2000 for application to the entire company.
June 2006
Kanji Kusaka assumed the office of chairman and Kazuhiko Hosotani that of president and representative director.
September 2007
Established a joint company with ProMinent, Germany, and became a domestic general sales agency.
August 2013
Started the FS in Lao P.D.R aiming to the expansion into Lao P.D.R
December 2017
The factories were certified as the certified factory of all filter media stipulated in “JWWA A103:2006-2 Filter media for the tap water” first time in Japan.

Head Office

1-12-11 Tagawakita, Yodogawa-ku,Osaka

Overseas Business Department

TEL +81-6-6301-6460
FAX +81-6-6308-3022