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We, TOHKEMY (following “we”) comply with laws related to privacy protection and other criterions.
Personal information we collect is personal name, date of birth, address that can be identified the person (including to identify the person by collating other information easily).

As for collecting personnel information, we collect the personnel information in the case like below.
- Recruit information
- Contact

As for the purpose of the use of personnel information, we use personnel information got from the customers for below purposes in the necessary scopes.
- Answer to inquiry and confirmation contact
- To conduct an analysis to improve the products and the services
- To provide the services meeting with the customers

As for the disclosure of personnel information to third party, in principal, customer’s personnel information we collect is not disclosed to third party except the following cases.
- In case having the customer’s agreement after specifying the disclosure destination and information
- In case accepting the formal request from the public institution of the court and police station based on the law.

As for the management and protection of the personnel information, customer’s personnel information we collect is properly managed and we make effort to prevent lost, destruction, manipulation, unauthorized access and leakage.

As for disclosure, correction and delete of the personnel information, we make effort to manage the personnel information correct and latest status.
Also, as for the disclosure and delete of the personnel information, customer yourself contact the inquiry counter.
Due to prevent the leakage of personnel information to third party, we correspond as long as the request is confirmed by the customer yourself.

As for the revision of protection policy of personnel information, we review timely and revise the privacy policy (protection policy of personnel information).
Revised privacy policy is published our website immediately.

As for inquiry counter, please check the below if you have any questions related to privacy policies.

1-12-11, Tagawa-kita, Osaka-shi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0021, Japan
TEL (06)6301-3141 / FAX (06)6308-6228