Acty Somonas (Ammonia removal)



● Ammonia nitrogen contained in raw water is finally oxidized to nitrate nitrogen via nitrite nitrogen by the action of nitrifying bacteria attached to Tohkemy’s original filler.


● By reducing ammonia nitrogen, which consumes a large amount of sodium hypochlorite, it is possible to suppress excessive injection of chemicals, and as a result, it is possible to suppress an increase in the concentration of chloric acid.
● Fillers and units can be combined according to the concentration of raw water ammonia, making it possible to handle high concentrations of ammonia.


basic specifications

processing power 5m3/h 10m3/h 20m3/h 30m3/h 40m3/h 50m3/h
Installation space (L×W) 9.0×3.5m 10.0×4.0m 11.0×4.7m 5.5×14.5m 15.0×6.0m 16.0×6.2m

System configuration

processing power 5m3/h 10m3/h 20m3/h 30m3/h 40m3/h 50m3/h
Air exposure tower φ400mm φ500mm φ700mm φ900mm φ1000mm φ1100mm
Air exposure tower treatment water tank 1m3 2m3 4m3 6m3 10m3 10m3
Ammonia removal tower φ1000mm φ1300mm φ1900mm φ2300mm φ2600mm φ2900mm
Treatment aquarium 3m3 5m3 10m3 15m3 20m3 25m3
control panel Outdoor self-supporting specification

* Since the system configuration differs depending on the water quality, it is an option except for the basic system.

Processing flow

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