✔ Motor-driven pump that can be handled in the same way as an electromagnetic pulse pump
✔ Equipped with a 3-step switching function for stroke speed
✔ Achieves 20% lower power consumption than before
✔ Supports external signal input operation
✔ Detachable operation unit


Control type

The control type is a motor-driven diaphragm type metering pump with a built-in inverter.
It is possible to set the discharge in 1-stroke units linked to the external input, and it can be handled in the same way as an electromagnetically driven pump.
Furthermore, as a new function, it is equipped with a 3-step switching function for stroke speed, supporting a wide range of drug injection environments.

Basic type

Standard model driven by a general-purpose motor.
Can be changed to standard / cheap / pressure-resistant explosion-proof / inverter motor drive type. (There are no sigma control type functions)
Not only domestic specifications but also overseas specifications (IEC standard, NEMA standard) can be supported.



Series Discharge rate (L/min) Discharge pressure (MPa)
Sigma 1 (S1Cb/Ba) 0.33 – 1.95 0.4 – 1.2
Sigma 2 (S2Cb/Ba) 0.93 – 5.86 0.4 – 1.0 (1.6) () Indicates SST
Sigma 3 (S3Cb/Ba) 3.03 – 17.3 0.4 – 1.0 (1.2) () Indicates SST

<Power supply>
● Control type:100-230VAC ±10% 50/60Hz
● Basic type: 3-phase 200V 50 / 60Hz, special specifications conform to the mounted motor

<Protective structure>
IP65 / 44 (For outdoor installation, avoid direct sunlight, wind and rain)

<Installation environment>
Non-explosion-proof area

Wet contact material

Name Pump head Connector Diaphragm O-ring Check ball

Wetting part (common)

● Two types of PVDF resin head and stainless steel head (SUS316L) with high chemical resistance
● Equipped with a diaphragm damage detection function with a multi-layer structure as standard equipment
● Supports high-viscosity transfer liquids up to 200 mPa ・ s as standard and up to 500 mPa ・ s with the optional valve spring (Hastelloy C).
● Supports flange connection and hose nozzle connection in addition to standard insert connection

External interlocking operation (control type only)

<Pulse mode>
Supports standard (1: 1), frequency division (1: N), and magnification (N: 1).
N: 0.01-99.9 When combined with a pulse transmission type flow meter, proportional injection of chemicals is possible.

<Batch mode>
A specified amount (number of strokes) can be injected by the main body button or an external signal to automatically stop.

<Analog mode>
Proportional control of the number of strokes according to 0 / 4-20mA DC from the outside.
In addition to normal proportional control, simple control using the transmission signal from the pH meter is also possible.

Other functions (control type only)

<3-step stroke speed mode>
Normal mode: Sine curve with uniform suction and discharge
Low pulsation mode on the suction side: The stroke during suction is slowed down, and high-viscosity liquid is sucked in stably.
Discharge side low pulsation mode: Low pulsation discharge is possible by slowing the stroke during discharge.

<Flow monitor (optional)>
By installing an optional flow monitor separately, the discharge status for each stroke can be monitored.

<External output relay (optional)>
It is possible to output an alarm signal and a paging signal for each stroke.
Discharge amount can be output with 0 / 4-20mA DC.

<Click wheel type operation panel>
With standard 0.5m cable. A cable length of 2, 5 or 10 m can be selected as a normal option.

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