✔ Accurate discharge rate and simple setting.
✔ Most suitable for metering and dosing various chemical solutions.
✔ Strong body of distinguished durability.
✔ Easy maintenance
✔ Reasonable prices and immediate delivery.


<Smallest pump among CM series>
CM-V behaves accurate discharge performance although it is small type using 25W _and 60W motors.

<Various power source specifications>
● Various power source motors lined up as standard _and semi-standard.
・100V  ・110V  ・200V  ・220V  ・230V
・380V  ・400V  ・415V  ・440V
● Totally-enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) outdoor flange type motor. Take measures such as using the motor cover of standard accessory for outdoor use.
* Consider the installation so as not to expose the pump to the sun.
* It is not available to the explosion-proof requirement.
* It is not applicable to the specified color painting.

<Variety of standard accessories>
A sight glass is standardly equipped for the pump body. (for hose connection of CM-1V-25V, except for XV46 specification, flange and union connections)
A motor cover and simple tools are attached to all models.
An air extract valve, check valve and foot valve are attached to the hose connection of CM-1V-25V-VVFC/VVE4 with sight glass.
Motor cover, air extract pump, simple tools, check valve (only for hose connection), foot valve (only for hose connection)



Model Discharge rate (ml/min)
at 0.1MPaG
Max. discharge
rate at the max.
discharge pressure
Diameters of
Pump head
/ Diaphragm
Stroke frequency(spm)
/ Reduction ratio
Weight (kg)
50(Hz) 60(Hz) 50(Hz) 60(Hz) 50(Hz) Hose Flange
1V 2-10 10 8 1.0 φ70/φ39 8/ 1:180 7/1:180 3 25 Approx.4.0 Approx.4.3
2V 4-20 19 16 16/1:90 14/1:90
6V 12-60 70 55 50/ 1:30 41/ 1:30
8V 16-80 75 58 φ70/φ49
25V 50-250 260 210 120/1:12.5 100/1:12.5
50V 100-500 300 250 0.5 φ110/φ90 51/1:30 43/1:30 4 60 Approx.7.8 Approx.8.1
80V 160-800 650 500 86/1:18 72/1:18
130V 260-1300 1250 1010 6

*The discharge rate was calculated at discharge pressure of 0.1MPaG, suction head of -0.01MPaAq equivalent to the same pipe diameter as in the pump; and normal temperature using clear water.
Use the pump under 0 to 40℃ of the ambient temperature, -0.01MPaAq of suction head, approx. 0.06MPa Abs. of NPSH req

Common specifications

Connection Hose CM-1V-25V: φ4 x φ9 or_ φ4 x φ6, CM-50V/80V: φ6 x φ11, φ6 x φ9 or_ φ15 x φ22, CM-130V: φ1 x φ22, CM-1V-25V-XV46:
φ6 x φ11 CM-50V/80V-VV46: φ15 x φ22
Flange 15A JIS10KF 13A union joint
Motor Standard Three-phase, 4P, Insulation class B, 60Hz (200/220/230V), 50Hz (200/220V),
25W: Totally-enclosed self-cooled indoor flange type
Semi-standard 60W: Totally-enclosed fan-cooled outdoor flange type
Three-phase, 4P, Insulation class B, 60Hz (380/400/415/440V), 50Hz (380/400/415/440V),
25W: Totally-enclosed fan-cooled indoor flange type, 60W: Totally-enclosed fan-cooled outdoor flange type
60W: Totally-enclosed fan-cooled indoor flange type
Reducer Spur-gear multistage combination mechanism
◯ Motor cover set (w/ mounting stay, set screws) 1 set
◯ Simple tools (Hexagonal wrench)
◯ Hose 4m (except for hose φ15 x φ22 of CM-1V-80V)
◯ Air extract hose (PE hose 1m) (for CM-1V-25V-VVFC/VVE4)
◯ Pump mounting bolts and_ nuts M6 x 35L 4 sets
◯ Instruction manual
◯ Foot valve (Hose specifications only ・ Excluding φ15 × φ22)
◯ Check valve (Hose specifications only ・ Excluding φ15 × φ22)
◯ Air extract pump
Color For motor and_ reduction gear parts: Astro silver, similarly Munsell 2.5Y6.5/1.5, For driving parts: Silver


Pump Dimensions

Liquid-end parts construction

Liquid-end parts specifications

part name/Combination VVFC VVE4 XV46(1V-25V)
Applicable chemicals Sodium hypochlorite
Ferric chloride, PAC
Sulfate band, ferrous sulfate
Ferric sulfate
Hydrochloric acid / dilute sulfuric acid
Other strong acids
Ammonia water Polymer flocculant
Pump head PVC PVC PVC + SUS seat
Diaphragm PTFE φ70/PTFE
Connector PVC PVC PVC
Valve seat FKM EPDM
Check ball Ceramic SUS304 SUS304
Spring SUS316
O-ring, packing Aflas® Aflas® φ70/PTFE
φ110 /Aflas®
Connection Hose φ4×φ9mm、φ6×φ11mm、
Braded soft PVC hose
PE hose
PE hose
Braded soft PVC hose
Braded soft PVC hose
Flange 15A JIS 10K flange

◯Since chemical resistance of material varies according to temperature and concentration of fluid, the above applicable chemicals are basic examples. It is possible to combine different materials.
◯Aflas® is a registered trademark of AGC Inc.
◯Since there are two kinds of connecting hose for VVFC combination, for selection, specify a chemical name or hose size to be used.

Viscosity of fluid

Refer to the chart below for transferring high-viscous fluid such as Polymer flocculants

Model Connection
φ6×φ11mm hose φ15×φ22mm hose 15A flange
CM-1V 50mPa・smax. 50mPa・s max.
CM-2V-8V 200mPa・s max. 300mPa・s max.
CM-25V 80mPa・s max. 300mPa・s max.
CM-50V/80V Not used 500mPa・s max. 500mPa・s max.
CM-130V Not used 500mPa・s max. 500mPa・s max.


Standard accessories

– Motor cover set (with mounting stay and screws) 1 set
– Mounting bolts and nuts M6 x 35 4 sets
– Simple tool (hex wrench)
– Hose 4m (CM-1V-80V type hose specifications only)
– Foot valve
– Check valve (hose specification only)
– Air bleeding pump
– Air bleeding hose (polyethylene hose 1m) (CM-1V to 25V-VVFC / VVE4 only)

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