Carbon dioxide method (CPC type)

* Space-saving design with a residence time of 1 minute in the tank
* Neutralizer is carbon dioxide (CO2) and easy to handle
* Optimal neutralization by PID control


● Space-saving design with a residence time of 1 minute in the tank
● The neutralizer is carbon dioxide [CO2], which makes it easy to handle _and does not increase the salt concentration.
● Optimal neutralization by PID control

The carbon dioxide pH neutralizer is a type that continuously neutralizes _and discharges raw water like the TPC type, _and uses carbon dioxide as a neutralizer. Since carbon dioxide has a quick neutralization reaction _and is easily mixed, the residence time in the neutralization tank can be reduced _and the installation area can be reduced. If the remaining amount of gas decreases, it will be replaced for each cylinder, so maintenance is easier than handling chemicals. Also, even if carbon dioxide gas is injected excessively, the pH will _drop only about 5, so unlike chemical injection, it is possible to prevent excessive pH value excess. It is suitable when you do not want to neutralize with chemicals such as alkaline drinking water. The standard of treatment is about pH 7 to 11.5 *.
In addition to standard specifications, we also accept customization according to your needs.

* Neutralization of pH value may require excessive injection due to factors that inhibit the reaction of chemicals, so the treatable pH value is a guide.


For drinking water / boiler blow water / factory wastewater


format processing power Neutralization tank capacity Cylinder rack Approximate dimensions (mm) * Equipment mass (kg) Operating mass (kg)
CPC-03 3m3/hr PVC 50L With 2 racks 950W×400L×1600H about 180 about 230
CPC-06 6m3/hr PVC 100L With 2 racks 950W×480L×1700H about 200 about 300

* Cylinder rack is not included in the device mass.

Processing flow

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