DulcoFlex (tube pump)

* For transfer of slurry liquid
* For transfer of high viscosity liquid
* High self-priming ability
* Various hose materials


Ideal for transferring slurry liquid / paste / high viscosity liquid / liquid containing air bubbles!

* Low power without oil bath due to roller method
* Simple structure without seal _and valve
* High self-priming ability (maximum suction height 8m)
* Forward _and reverse operation is possible
* Uses industry-leading long-life hose * 1
* The hose is stored in a sealed casing, _and liquid leakage can be monitored with the optional liquid leakage detection sensor (DC24V).
* Equipped with an inverter compatible motor as standard equipment. Flow rate can be adjusted up to 1:10 by using a separate inverter
* Transfer of highly hard slurries (metal powder, pigments, etc.) _and delicate liquids (pastes, creams, etc.) containing solids is also possible.
* Transfer of high-viscosity liquid (usually 20,000 to 30,000 mPa ・ s, maximum 60,000 mPa ・ s * 2)
* The DFCa type supports two roller drive shafts, enabling stable discharge by stable rotation even under high power.

* 1: In order to improve the elasticity _and durability of the hose, a hose coated with a reinforcing material woven in a mesh pattern is used in the middle layer of the hose.
* 2: When the optional vacuum unit for DFCa type is adopted


DFBa type: Roller method Maximum flow rate – 480 L / h Maximum discharge pressure 0.8MPa
DFCa type: Roller method Maximum flow rate – 14,000 L / h Maximum discharge pressure 0.4MPa

model Discharge rate [L/h] Maximum discharge
Flange caliber
Reference allowable
particle size[mm]
50Hz 60Hz
DFBa013B 60 72 0.8 0.4 15A 3.3 15
DFBa016C 140 168 0.8 0.4 20A 4 22
DFBa022E 400 480 0.8 0.4 25A 5.5 31
DFCa030A 650 780 0.4 0.4 32A 7 71
DFCa040B 1,400 1,680 0.4 0.75 40A 8.8 120
DFCa050C 2,400 2,800 0.4 1.5 40A 10 180
DFCa060D 4,700 5,600 0.4 3.7 50A 13.8 290
DFCa070E 11,700 14,000 0.4 3.7 65A 16.3 500

* Flange material: PVC / SUS304 compatible
* Discharge amount is the value when fresh water, normal temperature, and pushed state, and varies depending on the liquid properties and piping configuration.
* Pulsation occurs in this pump. It is recommended to increase the pipe connection diameter or install an air chamber.

Power unit

Standard motor specifications: 3-phase 200V, 50 / 60Hz, inverter compatible motor IP44 (outdoor specifications), E type
* Inverter body is not included.

Drive part

Benefits of hose squeezing with rollers

* In the DFBa series and DFCa series, the hose is squeezed by a roller, so there is less stress on the hose and deterioration of the hose can be minimized.
* Small motor / Low power consumption can be operated because the required torque of the motor is small.
* Adjust the number of spacers according to the required discharge pressure to adjust the force to squeeze the hose.
* The hose and roller are lubricated with grease, and the hose cannot be replaced easily because it is not an oil bath system.


Hose material

Model Body
NR (Natural rubber) Standard hose. For liquids such as diluted acid, alkali, alcohol, etc. in addition to neutral water
NBR (Nitrile rubber) For liquids with a lot of oil _and fat
EPDM (Ethylene propylene rubber) Concentrated acids, ketones, alcohols
NR-A (NR food grade) NR(Natural rubber) based food hose
NBR-A (NBR food grade) NBR (Nitrile rubber) based food hose
Hypalon Nitric acid, chromic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, etc.


Vacuum unit (DFCa type compatible option)

It reduces the pressure in the pump casing and helps the hose return to its original shape.
It is effective when the hose is difficult to restore, such as when transferring a high-viscosity liquid with a maximum of 60,000 mPa · s (cP) or when the suction lift is high.

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