DulcoFlow (chemical flow meter)

* Flow meter corresponding to the pulsation of the metering pump
* Highly corrosion resistant resin used for wetted parts (PVDF / PTFE)
* Instantaneous flow rate, integrated flow rate display & output
* Ideal for flow rate monitoring of chemical injection equipment


Dalco Flow DFMa is an ultrasonic flow meter dedicated to metering pumps.
It is possible to specify the instantaneous flow rate and integrated flow rate, and output the instantaneous flow rate as a pulse signal or analog signal.

Furthermore, by combining with some models of Prominent metering pumps, it is possible to feed back the flow rate value detected by Dalco Flow to the pump and automatically adjust and control the discharge amount.

Models that support feedback control

* Gamma X
* Gamma XL (Delta)
* Sigma control, etc.
Please contact us for details.


An ultrasonic flowmeter that uses the pulsation peculiar to a metering pump.
– Measurement is possible even if there is a large flow, pulsation, dirt on the liquid, _or viscosity.
– No metal is used in the wetted parts, _and even low-conductivity liquids can be measured.
* However, it cannot be measured in the case of non-pulsating flow, mixed turbidity, _or mixed air bubbles.


Model DFMa 05 DFMa 08
Measurement range 0.1 – 13.0 L/h 0.6 – 50.0 L/h
Detectable flow range 0.03 – 10.0 ml/Stroke (discharge amount for each pump stroke)
accuracy ±2% (100 strokes _or more) However, it may be affected by the properties of the measuring solution.
Withstand voltage 0.15 – 1.6 MPa
Allowable liquid temperature -10 to +45 degrees No freezing
Wet contact material PVDF (seal FPM / EPDM / PTFE included)
Body material PPE + GF20 (Screws are SUS304)
Output specifications(option) Analog output: 0/4 to 20mA DC x 1 (load resistance 400Ω (insulation))
Pulse output: 1 pulse / stroke
Frequency output : < 10kHz
Power supply specifications Single-phase 100-230VAC ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
Ambient temperature / protection class -10 to + 50 ° C Humidity 95% _or less / IP65 equivalent (indoor specifications)
Dimensions / mass W121×H160×D122mm / about 0.8kg

Measurement target

Water ・ Hydrogen peroxide ・ Sulfuric acid ・ Sodium hypochlorite (soda) ・ Hydrochloric acid ・ Aluminum sulfate

Chemical solution / condition that cannot be measured
● Chemicals containing air bubbles and slurries
– Measurement error will increase.
● Emulsified chemicals
– Measurement error will increase.
● Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide)
– Since ultrasonic transmission is difficult, measurement error becomes large.
● Other chemicals that are difficult to transmit ultrasonic waves
– If you do not have a track record, we recommend that you perform a test in advance.

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