Dulco system (pH, chlorine, etc.)

The Dulco system is a water quality instruction control unit that can be installed without additional work, and is compatible with all industries. ”I want to perform additional automatic continuous monitoring, but it is difficult to add it to the existing board ...” This is an all-in-one unit that responds to such a voice. We are active in improving quality and reducing man-hours and costs in various industries including the domestic beverage / food and water treatment industries.


Wide range of measurement targets

Up to 3 items can be measured simultaneously from a total of 12 items such as pH, chlorine, peracetic acid, and hydrogen peroxide.

High performance sampling pump

Smooth flow of measurement water and high measurement reproducibility

Data can be collected

The measured value is saved in SD (CSV format), and the wiring work to the recorder is omitted.

Free power supply & installation work is not required and can be installed immediately on site

We also have a compact Dulco unit light that you can bring into the laboratory.


● Chemical factory
● Food factory
● Beverage factory
● Hot bath facility
● Wastewater treatment
Concentration and water quality management such as


Dulco system

Power supply / Power consumption: Free power supply Single-phase 100-230 VAC ± 10% ・ 50 / 60Hz / approx. 60W
Output setting: Measured value output 0/4 to 20mADC analog output x 3
Alarm contact: Upper limit / lower limit a / b contact x 2 / collective alarm contact x 1
Ambient environment: 0-40 ° C
Storage box: Exterior: Aluminum ・ Front: Transparent resin cover (SUS specification, with cooler available)

Model Measurement target Main adaptive applications
DS-CL-PH Free chlorine Monitoring of hypochlorite concentration of weakly acidic / slightly acidic hypochlorite generator
DS-PAA-PH Peracetic acid For sterilization of food / beverage / slaughterhouses
DS-CL-CL Free + total chlorine Monitoring of hypochlorite concentration in pools and hot bath facilities
DS-H2-T hydrogen peroxide Aseptic line monitoring, factory wastewater / pure water circulation, etc.

Measurement targets other than the above combinations are also available. Please contact us.

Dulco unit light

The compact model which gathered the function of the dull lower back stem in the desk size.
Ideal for small-scale continuous measurements and table tests in research and laboratories.

Model Sampling tank Measurement target
DUL-A None * Chlorine, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, pH, ORP, etc. will be decided by a meeting.
* Up to 3 items can be measured at the same time

Sampling tank

This buffer tank is used when the flow rate and pressure of sample water are unstable due to in-line chemical injection.
You can visually check the state of the liquid (foaming) with transparent PVC.

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