Pressure floating separation unit

A water treatment method in which air bubbles are attached to a relatively light suspended substance to float and separate it.
Ideal for oil-containing wastewater treatment!


● Paper mill — Wastewater treatment
● Steel factory — Treatment of oil-containing water
● Food factory — Oil treatment, turbidity removal, etc. as pretreatment for biological treatment


Cylindrical tubular levitation processing method

Amount of treated water (m3/h) ~1.0 1.0~2.5 2.5~5.0 5.0~7.5 7.5~10.0
Water load area (LV) ~1.6 1.0~2.6 1.4~2.8 1.9~2.9 2.1~2.8
Approximate equipment dimensions
L×W×H (m)
2.7×1.9×2.8 3.3×1.9×2.8 4.1×2.1×2.9 4.8×2.4×3.0 5.6×2.7×3.1
Power-supply voltage Three-phase 200V × about 2.5kW Three-phase 200V × about 2.5kW Three-phase 200V × about 3.5kW Three-phase 200V × about 5.5kW Three-phase 200V × about 6.5kW
Approximate operating weight (t) 3.0 4.5 9.0 11.0 14.0
Mud collection method Upper mud collection method driven by a reducer
Required material quality Reaction tank, coagulation tank, pressurized flotation tank, pedestal SS400
Painting Inner surface:Non-tar epoxy resin coating after 2 types of cleaning
Outer surface: After rust preventive coating, polyurethane resin paint topcoat

* Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
* Please contact us before selecting as the amount of treatment may vary depending on the water quality.

Processing flow

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