MOK-S-PP (Vertical self-priming pump)

✔ PP/PVC resin high resistance to corrosion
✔Special CSS seal prevents liquid leakage


● Resin material for liquid-end parts, high resistance to chemicals.
● Cutting and matching from PP thick plates.
● High resistance to heat and osmosis, good detachability.
● Most suitable for electroless cupper plating and electroless gold plating.
●Special CSS (Centrifugal Seal System)
* The sealing part is noncontact state and free from deterioration, wearing and heat generation. In addition, it is not affected by slurry and liquid to be used.
* The sealing impeller forms fluid seal to protect liquid leakage during operation. The CSS prevents liquid leakage under suspension.
●This pump can be used for both self-priming and non-self-priming installation.
The special CSS prevents liquid leakage.


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