NN-1000 (digital)

✔ Chemipack type pH / ORP electrode can be directly connected
✔ Equipped with 2 control contacts (H / L contacts)
✔ DC4 ~ 20 ⅿ A with transmission output


● Either pH / ORP can be measured.
● Chemipack type pH / ORP electrodes can be directly connected.
● With pH temperature compensation function (Pt100)
● Easy operation with 2 buttons and 4 volume dials.
● Equipped with upper and lower limit contacts (High / Low contacts).
● With DC4-20mA transmission output.


Model NN-1000
Measurement input pH:Glass electrode ORP:Gold or platinum electrode
Input resistance over 1012Ω
Measurement instruction range 0.00~14.00pH -1000~1000mV
Minimum instruction unit 0.01pH 1mV
Instruction accuracy ±0.02pH ±1digit ±4mV ±1digit
Compatible temperature compensation electrode Pt100
Output contacts Upper and lower limit ON-OFF output 2 points: 1c each AC250V 5A (resistive load)
Transmission output DC4-20mA insulation type, load resistance 0-500Ω
Power supply AC100/110V or AC200/220V ±10% 50/60Hz
power consumption 5VA Less than
body size Vertical 96 x horizontal 48 x depth 154 (panel cut 92 x 45)
Ambient temperature / humidity 0-45 ° C 80% or less
mass about 0.5kg

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