Threaded filtration equipment

A filter medium called a "cassette" in which polyester yarn is wound around a plastic support at high density.
The unique filter media and the powerful automatic cleaning mechanism using a high-pressure jet that contributes to improving the recovery rate eliminate the need for filter media replacement for a long period of time, making installation and maintenance easy.
For applications where conventional auto strainers and sand filtration do not produce the expected results, such as measures against cryptospoligym in water purification plants around the world, alternatives to sand filtration, final wastewater treatment in factories, and protective filters for UF / RO membranes. It is being introduced one after another as a new generation filtration device.


● With 3 micron filtration accuracy, turbidity is improved and Cryptosporidium is removed at 99.9%.
● Simple design: Very compact design, extremely easy to secure installation space
● In addition to measures against cryptosporidium in water purification plants, there are many applications with 2 to 10 micron filtration in fields such as alternatives to sand filtration in various applications, final wastewater treatment before river discharge, and pretreatment of UF / RO membranes. Delivery record

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