Various polyethylene tanks

✔ Small (20L) to large (lineup up to 50,000L)
✔ Wide variety


Excellent chemical resistance

Since the material of the tank is polyethylene resin with excellent corrosion resistance, it has excellent chemical resistance except for some solvents. Please contact us for the chemicals used.

Excellent impact resistance and weather resistance

It uses a special resin with excellent mechanical properties as a raw material and is molded without pressurization, so there is no residual strain or directionality, and it has excellent impact resistance. In addition, the black tank is kneaded with carbon as a raw material, so it has excellent weather resistance.


We will install various nozzles, level gauges, ladders, anchor seats, hanging brackets, etc. according to the customer’s request.


Since it is not toxic, it can be safely used as a storage tank for drinking water and food. When using it for drinking water, wash the inner surface thoroughly before using it.

Fast delivery and economical

Since it is a standard product made by mold molding, delivery time is fast and it is economical.

Lightweight and easy to handle

It is 1/8 to 1/10 lighter than an iron tank, so it is easy to carry and handle.


Polyethylene is reused and disposed of (incineration / landfill) and does not emit environmentally damaging substances (dioxins / environmental hormones).

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