Toyolex F (iron removal with air oxidation)

A contact filtration method that utilizes an autocatalytic reaction with iron oxyhydroxide is effective for removing iron in well water. Although the effect of using chemicals such as chlorine as an oxidant is great, there are cases where the chemicals cannot be used, and oxygen contained in the air may be used as an oxidant. [Toyolex F series] is a filter medium for catalytic oxidation developed for air oxidation. Since air is used as an oxidant in industrial water and miscellaneous water that require a large amount of water, it is an ideal catalytic oxidation filter material with extremely low running costs.


* Can process high-concentration iron
* Low running cost without using chemicals
* Can be used even in flows that dislike chlorine


Name Toyorex F1 Toyorex F2
Particle size 1.4 – 2.3mm 0.6 – 1.4mm
75% more
Appearance Granular
Apparent density 0.65 – 0.75g/cm3
Mother Ceramics G1 Ceramics G2

● When using, it is necessary to properly mix _and dissolve raw water _and air in front of the filter to provide a reaction time.
● It takes some time for the surface coating of the filter medium to be activated. (During test run)
● Please note that when there is a large amount of dissolved silica, it may be difficult to remove it due to colloidalization of iron.
● When there is a lot of free carbon dioxide in the raw water, release carbon dioxide gas into the air by aeration etc. before use.


Packaging unit:PE bag (30L),Flexible container back( 0.8m3)
* Pallets can be stacked upon request.

When ordering, please specify the specifications, quantity, packing style, _and the presence _or absence of pallets.

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