Continuous type (TPC type)

* Reliable design with a residence time of 15 minutes in the tank
* Optimal neutralization by time division proportional control
* Can be customized according to installation conditions


* Reliable design with a residence time of 15 minutes in the tank
* Tank material: In addition to SS400 + modified epoxy resin coating, SUS, FRP, PVC are also supported.
* Optimal neutralization by time division proportional control

The continuous pH neutralizer allows raw water to flow into the neutralization tank, and appropriately injects and stirs chemicals according to the pH value of the raw water to continuously neutralize the pH value, while the treated water is naturally discharged by overflow. To do. This device is suitable for drainage that constantly flows in. The 1st stage treatment has a pH of about 4.0 to 11.5 *, and if it is higher than that, it is a 2 to 3 stage treatment with multiple tanks, the first stage is roughly neutralized, and the second and subsequent stages are fine-tuned. I will.
In addition to standard specifications, we also accept customization according to your needs.

* Neutralization of pH value may require excessive injection due to factors that inhibit the reaction of chemicals, so the treatable pH value is a reference value. We also accept neutralization titration inspection with sample water. Please feel free to contact us.


General factory effluent / hospital effluent / experimental effluent / cleaning effluent / factory effluent / boiler effluent / adjustment to pH value suitable for treatment


format Amount of treated water Neutralization tank
(Medium speed type)
Chemical pump discharge amount
Chemical solution
Approximate dimensions (mm) Device mass
Operating mass
60Hz 50Hz
TPC-01 1m3/hr 250L NKA4-002
4.8-24 4-20 PE 50L 700W×1400L×1600H about 200 about 500
TPC-03 3m3/hr 750L NTA4-002
14.4-72 12-60 PE 100L 1000W×1730L×1720H about 500 about 1600
TPC-06 6m3/hr 1.5m3 NTA4-004
20-100 16-80 PE 200L 1400W×2080L×1780H about 800 about 2900
TPC-10 10m3/hr 2.5m3 NTA4-007
60-300 50-250 PE 200L 1600W×2250L×2265H about 1000 about 4300
TPC-20 20m3/hr 5.0m3 NTA4-015
120-600 100-500 PE 300L 2000W×2770L×2605H about 1600 about 8000
TPC-30 30m3/hr 7.5m3 NTA4-022
200-1000 160-800 PE 500L 2500W×3360L×2815H about 2000 about 11800

Common specifications

* External interlocking input / batch alarm output (non-voltage contact output)
* Raw water pump inflow type
* One-sided control (alkali or acid neutralization)
* Power supply voltage AC200V
* Chemicals are compatible with sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid
* Tank material SS + inner surface modified epoxy resin coating (TPC-01 only made of PVC)
* Raw water temperature: up to 40 ℃


Both controls pH recording alarm meter (with alarm circuit)
Supports different voltages 2-3 stage processing type
Raw water pump Raw water flow meter
Weighing tank Treated water return valve
Neutralization tank lid plate Discharge pump
High temperature specifications Chemical tank level switch
Chemical tank liquid barrier Chemical tank made of PVC
Other compatible tank materials: SS + FRP lining / SUS / FRP

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