Y-shaped strainer, Sight Glass, Degassing joint

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Y-shaped Strainer

Dust, dirt, scales and other foreign matters unavoidably get into the fluid going into the pump. Such matters may be stuck in the valve sheet and other components or even damage them, resulting in poor fixed feed rate accuracy. It is therefore indispensable to add a strainer at the pump’s suction side. The Y-shaped strainer is highly recommendable because its filter mesh is easy to take in and out.

Sight Glass

Mounted at the pump’s discharge side, the sight glass serves to monitor the discharge action and to avoid non-injection and other troubles.

Degassing Joint

Air coming into the suction pipe or gases generated from sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, and similar chemicals may cause the so-called gas lock, making discharging impossible.
The degassing joint is installed at the pump’s suction side and used to separate the air and gases from the suction pipe and to feed the chemical alone into the pump.
The pump’s suction side is under boost pressure to keep it free from the air and gases. The gas vent pipe should be positioned above the liquid level of the chemical tank and open to the atmosphere.


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