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Decolorizing filter media Radical Light SC3 and UC3 are filter media with ceramics as a carrier and special manganese dioxide impregnated by our original method. Humic substance chromaticity (chromaticity derived from humic acid) contained in groundwater is extremely difficult to treat and requires a high degree of treatment. Radical Light SC3 and UC3 are epoch-making filter media that can easily remove this humic chromaticity.

  • Radical light UC3

● What is humic chromaticity
Most of the brown colorants present in natural waters such as groundwater and river water are thought to be due to humic substances. Humic substances are biodegradable macromolecules that are considered to be the final decomposition products of microorganisms such as plants in soil. Generally, humic substances are alkaline-extracted from soil, and then the corrosive fraction that precipitates with a weak acid is called humic acid, the rotted fraction that does not precipitate even with a strong acid is called fulvic acid, and the middle is called humatomelamic acid.

Humic substances are colored by the resonance of the bonds of chromophores (C = C, C = O, etc.) and axochromes (OH, COOH, etc.). These resonances are extremely difficult to cut, cannot be easily cut with an oxidizing agent such as sodium hypochlorite, and are often not decolorized in a short time.

Reference: F.J. Stevenson: Humus Chemistry, 2nd.P289 (1994)

● Removal of humic chromaticity
Radical lights SC3 and UC3 act as catalysts for oxidation reactions such as sodium hypochlorite in water and generate O radicals with strong oxidizing power. We believe that this strongly oxidizing O-radical reduces or inhibits the resonance of humic chromophores and axochromes, thereby reducing chromaticity.


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