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What is activated carbon?

When purifying water, there are filter media such as anthracite and filter sand.
That is the activated carbon introduced here. Activated carbon is also used in water purifiers and deodorants, so many of you may know it.
Here, we will explain the purification of water using activated carbon.
Activated carbon can be roughly divided into three types depending on the raw material, and there are “coal-based”, “plant-based”, and “others”.

 ”Coal”: bituminous coal, lignite, etc.
 ”Plant-based”: palm pattern, sawdust, etc.
 ”Other”: Bone, petroleum residue, etc.

By activating these raw materials (decomposing and evaporating solid organic and inorganic substances in the raw materials by heat and chemicals), very fine holes (pores) are formed. Therefore, activated carbon is porous and has the property of adsorbing many substances in its pores. Furthermore, since the surface of activated carbon has non-polar properties, polar molecules such as water are not easily adsorbed, and it has the property of selectively adsorbing low-polar organic substances.

Activated carbon can be further divided into four types according to its shape: “crushed”, “powder”, “granulated”, “processed products such as fibers”, and “compressed processed products”. What we handle is “crushed” granular activated carbon.
Our activated carbon includes “coal-based” = TA-30C and “plant-based” = TA-30N.
TA-30C mainly removes organic substances, and has very high performance especially for organic substances with chromaticity such as humic substances.
TA-30N can remove organic substances like TA-30C, but it is used for deodorization and removal of by-products such as trihalomethanes and fluoroacetic acids generated in the previous filtration process because it easily adsorbs odors. It is also suitable for removing residual chlorine from its hardness.

  • TA-30C
  • TA-30N


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