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High-concentration iron removal and manganese removal treatment example

We will introduce an example of iron removal and manganese removal treatment in groundwater using our filter material when it contains a high concentration of iron.
This site used groundwater and used it as reclaimed water (miscellaneous water) in the workplace, but iron was as high as 15 mg / L, and the site became full of red rust while using this water, so it was removed. Introduced iron removal manganese processing equipment.
The raw water shows the values shown in the table below, and iron was 15 mg / L and manganese was 1.0 mg / L, which were extremely heavy loads.

● Raw water quality

item unit Numerical value Tap water standard
pH 6.2 5.8~8.6
iron mg/L 15 0.3 or less
manganese mg/L 1.0 0.05 or less

The treatment water was used for miscellaneous water, but we examined the treatment method in response to the requirements that the target values were iron: 0.3 mg / L or less and manganese: 0.05 mg / L or less. Since iron is a very high water of 15 mg / L, as a pretreatment, iron is removed by the catalytic oxidation method with Toyolex F2 in the first tower, and the remaining iron and manganese in the second tower are anthracite and ferrolite. We have delivered a device to remove by MC3.
In addition, when a test was conducted before delivery, when some iron was oxidized, it became colloidal particles and flowed out into the treated water, so a flocculant (PAC) was injected at the entrance of the second tower. When a flocculant is injected, highly viscous deposits are formed. Therefore, multi-layer filtration with anthracite is used to prevent stains due to the deposits from adhering to Ferrorite MC3, which is a manganese-removing filter material.

item Tower 1 Tower 2
Filter φ1000mm×SH2440mm φ1000mm×SH2440mm
Filter material filling amount Toyorex F2: 1.1m3 Anthracite e.s0.7mm:0.3m3 Ferrorite MC3:0.8m3
Filtration rate LV12.7m/hr LV12.7m/hr
Chemical injection amount Inject air with a compressor Inject sodium hypochlorite and PAC at the filter inlet
Backwash frequency Once every 12 hours Once a day

As a result of delivering the above iron and manganese removal equipment, we were able to obtain extremely clear water as shown in the table below and in the photo by removing iron and manganese.
Most of the iron contained in the raw water could be removed by Toyolex F2. In the actual equipment, iron could be removed to 0.2 mg / L or less, which is below the tap water quality standard, with the treated water of Tower 1, but it could be removed to less than 0.1 mg / L by further filtering in Tower 2.
Manganese was slightly reduced to 0.75 mg / L in the first tower, but it was able to be processed to less than 0.05 mg / L in the second tower.

Left: Raw water just before Tower 1, Middle: Treated water from Tower 1, Right: Treated water from Tower 2

item unit Tower 1 entrance Tower 1 exit Tower 2 exit
pH 6.2 7.3 7.3
Iron ferrous ion (Fe2+) mg/L 15.0 <0.1 <0.1
Ferric ion (Fe3+) mg/L 1.0 0.2 <0.1
manganese mg/L 1.0 0.75 <0.05
Free chlorine mg/L 0.5~1.0

Even if there is a lot of iron and manganese like the raw water this time, clear water can be obtained by using several treatment methods together.


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