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Filtration layer survey / design (consultant)

● Filtration layer survey at water purification plant
We will assist you in maintenance such as water quality management by conducting a [filter layer survey] to grasp the condition of the filter pond, such as a filter material pollution degree survey, a filter layer thickness survey, and a non-land survey of supporting gravel.

Filtration layer survey
■ Filter material contamination survey
Investigate the degree of contamination of the filter media currently in use. The main measurement items are the particle size distribution of the filter medium, adherent substances, and adhesive substances. Items that cannot be measured locally will be carried out at our analysis center.
■ Filter layer thickness / non-land survey of supporting gravel
Investigate the current filter layer thickness and gravel layer non-landing conditions, and use it to determine the risk of deterioration of treated water quality and outflow of filter media.
The non-landing of the gravel layer is a phenomenon that directly affects the filtered sand layer, which is the heart of filtration, and should be understood from the viewpoint of water quality management. We use a 3D contour graph to illustrate it visually. Also prepares a report so that the current situation can be easily understood.

● Filtration systems consultation
Since 1965, we have been dealing with all kinds of customers through filter media, from well water treatment at small water purification plants to wastewater treatment facilities at factories. Taking advantage of our many years of experience, we will propose the optimum filtration process to obtain the water quality requested by our customers from all kinds of raw water such as well water, river water and industrial water.

Filtration systems consultation method
■ Selection of filter media from water quality analysis data
We will propose the specifications of the filter material from the water quality analysis data that the customer has.
■ Sample test at the analysis center
We will propose the optimum filter media specifications by receiving raw water from the customer and conducting jar tests and water flow tests at our technical center.
■ Field verification test
Water is a living thing. The most reliable specifications can be determined by conducting verification tests at the time of water intake. As it is said that [a picture is worth a thousand words], you can gain tremendous persuasive power and trust from users.

● Design and manufacture of water treatment equipment
We manufacture and sell not only filter media but also equipment such as chemical injection pumps and water quality measuring instruments. From that experience, we design and manufacture not only filtration equipment but also various water treatment unit equipment. We will propose the optimum process based on many years of experience in order to realize the water treatment desired by the customer.


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