This pump is of spring-back, direct-acting diaphragm, fixed-displacement type. The resin-made fluid-contact section has been successfully modified to be simple and solid. Flange (JIS10K) are used for pipe connections, as standard design-less damage-prone and much easier to handle compared the former series.


Medium-pressure large-capacity pump of Tohkemy

Discharge quantity is a lot, this dosing pump suitable for use in discharge pressure is medium (Less than 0.5MpaG).

Motor specification

●Various power source motors lined up as standard and semi-standard.
・200V  ・220V  ・380V  ・400V  ・415V  ・420V  ・440V

●Possible to be equipped with different voltage and explosion-proof.
(Please contact to ask us about delivery terms.)

Outdoor specifications

Totally-enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) outdoor flange type motor.

Possible to be equipped with coupling connection.

The pump can be equipped with a safety-increase explosion-proof motor, a pressure and explosion proof motor and other designated motor by coupling connection.

Protect option (Double diaphragms)

Normally pump diaphragm is single. The double –diaphragm design that possible to protect the reduction gears from corrosive liquid leak which might be caused by the damage of the diaphragm. For the option only, ready to install the double diaphragm.

● Applicable to CM-17L (except for V4U6 combination)


Air Chamber standard accessory

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Model Discharge
At 0.1MPaG
Max. discharge
rate at the max.
discharge pressure
Diameters of
Pump head
/ Diaphragm
Number of
strokes spm
(Reduction ratio)
Max. stroke
length (mm)
(JIS 10K)
Air chamber
60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz
CM-1L 0.3-1.4 0.2-1.2 1.3 1.1 0.7 120 56/47 (1/30) 6.3 20A 0.2/4P 20/26 3B×400
CM-2L 0.5-2.4 0.4-2.0 2.1 1.8 100/80 (1/16) 6.5
CM-3L 0.7-3.6 0.6-3.0 3.3 2.8 140 108/89
25A 22/30 4B×400
CM-6L 1.2-6.0 1.0-5.0 5.2 4.4 10 0.4/4P 31/39
CM-9L 1.8-9.0 1.5- 7.5 8.2 6.8 0.5 160 40A 32/45 4B×600
CM-13L 2.6-  13 2.2-  11 12 10 180 12 0.75/4P 39/54
CM-17L 3.4-  17 2.8- 14 16 13 200 42/58 6B×400

◯The discharge rate was calculated at discharge pressure of 0.1MPaG, suction head of -0.01MPaAq equivalent to the same pipe diameter as in the pump; and_ normal temperature using clear water.
When your pump is of the standard specifications, use it in the ambient temperature range of 0-40℃, the liquid temperature range of 0-50℃ and_ about 0.06MPaA (0.6kgf/cm2A) of NPSH req.

Common specifications


Motor Standard 0.2 to 0.4kW: Three-phase, 4P, class E, 60Hz (200, 220V), 50Hz (200V), TEFC outdoor flange type
0.75 kW: Three-phase, 4P, class F, 60Hz (200, 220V), 50Hz (200V), TEFC outdoor flange type
Semi-standard 0.2 and_ 0.4kW: Three-phase, 4P, class E, 60Hz (400, 440V), 50Hz (400V), TEFC outdoor flange type
0.75kW: Three-phase, 4P, class F, 60Hz (380, 400, 440V), 50Hz (380,400, 415, 420V), TEFC outdoor flange type
Reducer Planetary gear speed reducer, lubricated with molybdenum grease
Standard accessories Air chamber, Simple tools, Mounting bolts and_ nuts (washer with M8 x 30L) x 4 sets, Instruction manual
Color Munsell 2.5PB 2.5/7 for reducer, Munsell N7 for moto


Simple comparison table for large-capacity diaphragm pumps

Model Stroke frequency
Normal pressure
Discharge accuracy Air chamber
R type 170/140(60/50Hz) 0.2-0.3 ±5% Necessary
L type 56-108/47-89(60/50Hz) 0.3-0.5 ±2%

When using with low discharge pressure, large motor power is required, so we recommend the large series CM-R.
If the air chamber is not installed, calculate the acceleration resistance.

Pump dimensions

Liquid-end parts construction

Liquid-end parts specifications

Part name / combination VV46 VVC 4446 V4U6
Applicable chemicals High viscosity liquid,
caustic soda,
Ammonia water
Sodium hypochlorite, dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid,
Ferric chloride, PAC, ferric sulfate / ferric sulfate,
Sulfate band, chromic acid
Organic solvent solution
Slaked lime liquid,
Sludge liquid
Pump head PVC SUS304 PVC
Diaphragm PTFE Urethane/PTFE
Valve case PVC SUS304 PVC
Valve guide, seat PVC SUS304
Check ball SUS304 Ceramics SUS304 Urethane
O-ring Afras PTFE Afras
Spring SUS316 SUS316

The corrosion resistance of the material changes depending on the temperature and concentration, so the above usage example is a guide. Material combinations other than the above are also possible.
Afras is a type of fluororubber.

Viscosity of fluid

Model/Combination Viscosity
CM-L 1000mPa・s max.

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