Chlorine injection & monitoring equipment

Chlorine injection device for water purification plants. Pre-chlorine, medium-chlorine, and post-chlorine injection device.
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Since there are many fluctuations in the season _and water consumption, it is necessary to finely change the injection amount. I am also worried about the gas lock of sodium hypochlorite, so I would like to monitor the amount of drug injection. It is necessary to combine it with a flow meter suitable for a metering pump.

Tohkemy's proposal

There are three injections of sodium hypochlorite, and the injection amount of each is different. We built a system that constantly monitors the discharge rate by assembling a Dalco flow flow meter. The instantaneous flow rate can be monitored visually. In the unlikely event that a discharge failure is detected, the pump will switch immediately. The pump suction side piping is equipped with gas lock measures to prevent troubles.

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