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Chemical injection control “Feed-back control” for wastewater treatment [ProMix system]

Electrical _and electronic industry in the Tohoku region (Japan)
Product used
DulcoMeter Dialog (DACb)
Water quality measurement sensor (DulcoTest)
Sensor holders and accessories
Wastewater treatment equipment from semiconductor factories
Unit Systems
Water quality controller/sensor

Issues / requests

Wastewater treatment equipment in semiconductor factories. Since water quality fluctuates greatly, it is important to monitor with a residual chlorine sensor. There are two lines, and feedback control is required to determine the amount of drug injection from the flow rate of each line and the value of residual chlorine.

Tohkemy's proposal

Using the "feedback control" of the ProMix system, the amount of chemical injection is appropriately calculated from the measured residual chlorine value and the ever-changing wastewater flow rate. You can easily monitor the current monitoring and history information (log) on the touch panel of ProMix. It also uses various alarm outputs to monitor for 24 hours.

Unit Systems

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