Ozone sterilization in filling lines

Drinking water plant in the U.S.A.
Product used
Water quality measurement sensor (DulcoTest)
DulcoMeter (D1C)
PET bottle mineral water filling factory
Water quality controller/sensor

Issues / requests

Monitor the residual concentration with an ozone injection line for sterilization. It is important to make stable measurements in the sterilization process of filling with mineral water. Since the conductivity of the measurement water is very low, the measurement was unstable with the method used so far (sensor with exposed measurement electrode).

Tohkemy's proposal

Confirmed that stable measurement can be performed even under conditions where the conductivity of the measured water is low, using a membrane-type electrode. The water that flows in the normal filling process is controlled at 5 ° C _or less, but in the equipment cleaning (CIP cleaning process), high temperature water flows, so the valve is automatically controlled so that it does not flow to the sensor, _and the sensor is operated. protection.

Water quality controller/sensor

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